35th Bienal de São Paulo
6 Set to 10 Dec 2023
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35th Bienal de
São Paulo
6 Set to 10 Dec
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Bienal joins Bulgari to create the podcast Em obras

For the first time, the Fundação Bienal de São Paulo is collaborating with the iconic Italian brand Bulgari to launch a podcast produced by Trovão Mídia: Em obras. The podcast marks the closing of the 35th Bienal de São Paulo at the Ciccillo Matarazzo Pavilion and the start of its tour of Brazil and the world.

With captivating episodes in a variety of formats, such as interviews, stream of consciousness and exploration of the artists’ creative process, as well as debates on contemporary urgencies, the Fundação Bienal podcast, presented by Bulgari, aims to stimulate creativity and promote the dissemination of contemporary art to a wider audience. In 14 episodes, this season proposes a continuation – within your earshot – of the experiences, encounters and inspirations of the exhibition.

Highlighting the importance of this partnership, the president of the Fundação Bienal de São Paulo, José Olympio da Veiga Pereira, says: “Associating with an Italian Maison like Bulgari is something that brings us closer to a new audience. Working with a company that values creativity, quality and art allows the Bienal to remain connected to its vocation by working on an experimental product such as this podcast.”

Listen to the podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Deezer, Amazon Music or below. The podcast is presented only in Portuguese.

Episode 1: Denilson Baniwa & Louise Lenate Ferreira da Silva


Louise Lenate Ferreira da Silva, architect and urban planner, curator of the 13th Bienal Internacional de Arquitetura de São Paulo, and Denilson Baniwa, artist of the 35th Bienal de São Paulo – choreographies of the impossible, delve into the history of Ibirapuera Park and the significance of the land that houses the Bienal de São Paulo, exploring its tensions and contradictions over time.

Extra episode: Diane Lima & Gabriel Massan


Gabriel Massan, an artist who stands out for his innovative works using technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, augmented reality, virtual sculptures, interactivity and holograms, shares his creative journey with Diane Lima, from the curatorial collective of the 35th Bienal de São Paulo – choreographies of the impossible. From his origins in Nilópolis, Rio de Janeiro, Gabriel has redefined his connection with art and technology, resulting in remarkable projects, including the reinterpretation of Bulgari’s iconic snake in celebration of the brand’s 75th anniversary.

Episode 2: Tadáskía


Tadáskía, artist from the 35th Bienal de São Paulo – choreographies of the impossible, reveals the backstage of her creative process in the making of the works Desenhando animada [Playing Animated] and Ave preta mística [Mystical Black Bird], exploring the inspiration and sensory experience behind her creation.

Episode 3: Dione Moura and Inaicyra Falcão


Inaicyra Falcão, an artist at the 35th Bienal de São Paulo – choreographies of the impossible, and Dione Moura, a researcher and professor at the University of Brasilia, as well as rapporteur for the UnB quota project, debate the relevance of education and policies for teaching Afro-Brazilian and Indigenous history and culture, as well as the implementation of the quota law, and the fundamental role of these initiatives in increasing the representation and participation of black people in various spaces.

Episode 4: Rosa Gauditano


Rosa Gauditano, photographer and artist of the 35th Bienal de São Paulo – choreographies of the impossible, tells the story behind the photographs taken at Ferro’s Bar and Dinossauros nightclub – iconic meeting places for lesbian women in downtown São Paulo during the years of the military dictatorship.

Episode 5: Dan Lie and Natalia Borges Polesso


Dan Lie, artist of the 35th Bienal de São Paulo – choreographies of the impossible, and Natalia Borges Polesso, writer, translator and apocalypse researcher, discuss the work Outres [Others]. The conversation addresses profound reflections on the invisible beings with whom we share planet Earth, gender issues, death and the transformative role of art.

Episode 6: Ayrson Heráclito and Tiganá Santana


Ayrson Heráclito and Tiganá Santana explore the collaborative process behind their joint work, Floresta de infinitos [Forest of Infinites], exhibited at the 35th Bienal de São Paulo – choreographies of the impossible.

Episode 7: Zumví Arquivo Afro Fotográfico


Lázaro Roberto, photographer and co-founder of Zumví Arquivo Afro Fotográfico, and José Carlos, researcher and producer of Zumví, share their experiences of entering the art world and tell the stories behind some of the photographs selected for the 35th Bienal de São Paulo – choreographies of the impossible.


About the Fundação Bienal de São Paulo

Founded in 1962, the Fundação Bienal de São Paulo is a private, non-profit institution with no political, party political, or religious ties, whose actions aim to democratize access to culture and encourage interest in artistic creation. Every two years, the Fundação holds the Bienal de São Paulo, the largest exhibition in the southern hemisphere, and its itinerant exhibitions in various cities in Brazil and abroad. The institution is also the custodian of two of Latin America’s artistic and cultural heritage assets: a historical archive of modern and contemporary art that is a benchmark in Latin America (the Arquivo Histórico Wanda Svevo), and the Ciccillo Matarazzo Pavilion, home to the Fundação, designed by Oscar Niemeyer and listed by Patrimônio Histórico. The Fundação Bienal de São Paulo is also responsible for designing and producing the Brazilian representation at the Venice Biennale of Art and Architecture, a prerogative conferred on it decades ago by the Federal Government in recognition of the excellence of its contributions to Brazilian culture.

About Bulgari

Part of the LVMH Group, Bulgari was founded in the heart of Rome in 1884. Over the decades, the brand has established a worldwide reputation as magnificent Roman High Jeweler and icon of Italian art of living thanks to its exquisite craftsmanship, visionary design and audacious color combinations. Through a pioneering vision intrinsic in the brand’s DNA since its founding, the company’s international success has evolved into a global and diversified luxury purveyor of products and services, ranging from fine jewels and high-end watches to accessories and perfumes, and featuring an extended network of boutiques and hotels in the world’s most exclusive shopping areas. Demonstrated through its numerous philanthropic partnerships, Bulgari deeply believes in innovating the present for a sustainable future through its commitment to social & environmental responsibility and giving back – to nature and to the community.